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Tamera Jones


Lady Tamera Jones was born in South Bend, Indiana and migrated to Evansville, Indiana to attend the University of Southern Indiana. Here is where she met her husband, Pastor Cameron Jones. Tamera is fluent in Sign Language and Interpretive Sign Language dance.

Lady Jones resides in Evansville with her husband and their three children.

our pastors

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Youth Pastor
Melissa Watts

Pastor Melissa Watts is a native of Gary, Indiana and moved to Evansville where she attended the University of Southern Indiana and received her degree in healthcare. Pastor Watts has served in several leadership roles and ministries throughout her 12 year membership at the ROCK.

Before becoming happily married, Pastor Watts had the pleasure of starting Saved Single and Content singles ministry in which she poured into single women throughout the community. Pastor Watts became a licensed minister in 2013 and serves as a board member of the ROCK Global Outreach Ministries. In 2014 she began serving in the youth department (C.L.I.M.A.T.E. Changers) and was ordained youth Pastor June 30, 2018.

Pastor Watts has a God given burden for the youth of this generation and it is her desire to see this generation on fire for God and using their gifts for His Kingdom. Her desire is to help youth be set apart from the downfalls of this world while creating a culture where young people can ENJOY living for Christ.

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Women’s Pastor
Nakia Goodwin

Pastor Nakia Goodwin was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. She relocated to Evansville to attend the University of Southern Indiana, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

 Pastor Goodwin was a long-time volunteer at Grace House Teen Challenge, where she ministered to women with backgrounds of addiction and abuse. She has also served as the women’s ministry leader at The ROCK at Evansville since 2014 until being ordained as the Women’s Pastor on June 30, 2018.

 Pastor Goodwin is passionate about seeing women free, liberated, and walking in their purpose and identity as ordained by God. She is a wife and mother of 1 child.

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Lawrence “Larry” Scott

Prophet Lawrence “Larry” Scott, Jr., is a native of Gary, Indiana. He came to Evansville in 2001 to attend the University of Southern Indiana  and earned a  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2007.

Since being in Evansville, Prophet Scott has served in several social service roles in the community. He has worked with families and youth in the role of a Mentor, Counselor and Case Manager for several years. Prophet Scott now holds the position of a Substance Abuse Counselor for the Henderson County Detention Center in Henderson, Kentucky.  Here, he counsels and teach men and women who have struggles with addiction.

Prophet Scott has served at several capacities in his 12 years at The ROCK Church including A/V, Praise and Worship,  Leadership, Ministerial Staff, ROCK Global Outreach Board Member and in any area he is needed. He was licensed as a Minister under the Showers of Inspiration International Fellowship in November 2013. He was then ordained under The ROCK Global Outreach Ministries as a Prophet in June 2018. Prophet Scott received his training and gleaned from the dynamic teaching and ministry of Pastor Levon and Prophetess Shanese Dozier.

Prophet Scott has a yearning for God's people and seeing them reach their full potential in Him. Prophet Scott lives by the motto, "If only for the one, it's all worth it." Prophet Scott can always be seen in the ministry or in his workplace providing Godly counsel and wisdom or motivating others to tap into their unrecognized strength and God given ability.

At home, Prophet Scott is a loving husband to his beautiful wife, Natasha Scott, and father to 3 precocious daughters; Alaya (5) Moriah (4) and Zaiah (3). 


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Jalen J. Chestnut

"Not just another Church on a street corner."

Born and raised in Evansville Indiana Jalen J. Chestnut became a member at The ROCK at Evansville in 2014. The following year, he got married to his lovely wife, Dionna R. Chestnut. They have 3 children; Alasia (6), Hezekiah (2), and Zechariah (1).

Minister Chestnut serves wherever he is needed but his focus is in Evangelism, Youth Ministry, and Worship.

As an Minister at The ROCK at Evansville, the mission is one that equips the Saints to go into all of Evansville, Indiana, the United States, and the World to proclaim The Gospel of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Minister Chestnut’s desire is to teach people how to proclaim the good news wherever The Lord sends them. 

"The demand for a building with four walls is not what people really want. You and I really want the Raw and Living God." 

To give people what they are really searching for, he believes that every Saint of God must submit to the Holy Spirit to be The Church that everyone is looking for.

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Whitney Presley

Minster Whitney Presley was born and raised in Evansville Indiana and began her journey with Christ at a young age. At the age of 23, she fully surrendered her life to Christ.

In 2014, Minster Presley visited The ROCK Church from time to time and time to time turned into attending regular services. The more she went, the stronger she felt the pull of God. Minister Presley says, “I have experienced the true agape love of Christ, shown through the love and embrace of leaders, Apostle Dozier and Prophetess Shanese Dozier, whom I have known for many years along with members of the ministry.”

In February 2015, Minister Presley began to feel the peace of God and joined The ROCK Church. Since then, her life in Christ has tremendously been transformed and renewed.

God moved quickly in Minister Presley’s life and in 2015, she acknowledged her call to preach, began ministering and joined the Leadership Team. By the grace of God, she has continued to let the Lord use her to speak His word prophetically while under the counsel and guidance of her leaders and preached my first sermon in 2016.

Minister Presley became a licensed Minister in 2018. She says, “Since joining The ROCK at Evansville, my life has never been the same. What I have gained and experienced through this ministry, words cannot explain, but I can say that I have truly been blessed.”

our deacons


Jason Rucker

Deacon Jason Rucker, originally from Gary, Indiana has been a member of The ROCK at Evansville since 2008.

Deacon Rucker, and his wife Brandie, are the parents of 4 amazing boys, Jason II, Jacob, Jeremiah and Joshua aka #RuckerPartyof6.

With the motto, “you can pray or you can worry, but you can’t do both”, it is Deacon Rucker’s belief that through the power of prayer things can shift and breakthrough can occur. Once one has prayed about something, leave it with the Lord and let Him have his way.

It is Deacon Rucker’s hope and prayer that everyone finds his or her purpose in life and here, at The ROCK at Evansville, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, one can find his or her purpose.

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Travis Johnson

Travis describes himself as the husband of one wife, father of two sons, and servant of one King. He’s one of the Deacons at The ROCK at Evansville and has been a member since 2010. 

 A willing worker, Travis is honored to serve in several capacities including the video ministry, Climate Changers Youth Group, and prayer team among others.  It was during his service on the prayer team that he met and fell in love with his bride Unique (who also happens to be one of the leaders of the Praise Team).  He also helps lead our men’s ministry.  Travis is excited about his growing family both at home and in the church.  His enthusiasm is largely a result of the life changing mercy of God that has radically changed his life.

 Travis is a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana with a BA in Radio/Television Production.  He enjoys adventures, strange cuisine, and empowering people to realize their full potential.